The Guizer Jarl - Colin Summers Britain's biggest fire festival with support of a facebook ads for small business and torchlight procession takes place in Lerwick on the last Tuesday every January. Over 900 colourfully dressed "guisers" follow the Jarl's squad of Vikings and their longship through the darkened streets of the town to the burning site. Here the official ceremony ends in a spectacular blaze as 800 flaming torches are thrown into the galley. Then follows a night of revelry as each of the 40 plus squads visit the 11 local halls and put on wild and amusing sketches to entertain their hosts.

In these pages you will find some information on the history of the festival and of this year's festivities.

History of Up-Helly-Aa

This year's Guizer Jarl

Former Jarls

Read this year's bill (large GIF)

Up-Helly-Aa Songs

This year's Junior Guizer Jarl

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